Standard Building Package – Cloud Communications Offering for the 21st Century

1) Let us help you provide a more attractive building to “prospective tenants” by providing highly secure, highly flexible, highly scalable, and highly cost-efficient communications as part of the building’s services.

2) Let us help you to make “current tenants” more likely to succeed in these trying times by supplying superior, managed telecom/IT services or by optimizing what they currently have.  A free, upfront services/billing audit is available on request.  This is a time when all firms are looking for immediate cost savings, and you can provide it.

3) Tether “current tenants” to your building by providing extremely secure, cutting edge, economically managed remote location services that emanate from the buildings SD-WAN network. 

4) Diversify your offering by supplying state of the art Flexible Work Space.  As things improve, people will be looking for this type of work option and your building can profitably supply it.

5) The building creates a significant, residual monthly income stream (10% of all monthly billing) by supplying the in-house and remote services.

  • Highest Level Security
  • High Level of Reliability – Built In Multiple Failovers
  • Significant Cost Savings
  • Exceptional Customer Service and Support
  • Powerful and Scalable Network
  • Enhanced Management and Delivery of Remote Services

Managed SD-WAN

AEON’s Managed SD-WAN streamlines network management, lowering costs and providing unsurpassed speed, flexibility, and security. SD-WAN provides for secure, efficient remote connections.

Cloud Business Phone Systems

AEON hosted PBX is a solution that uses the cloud to move businesses away from expensive, traditional phone lines. AEON reduces operating costs while delivering a scalable, flexible, hosted business phone service with top of the line customer service and superior technical support.

High-quality, Reliable Cloud and Internet Connectivity

AEON’s network services provide users with high-performance, highly secure connectivity worldwide.

Managed IT

Harness the power of the cloud to increase efficiency, collaboration, and teamwork. Empowering employees to work from anywhere with easy access and optimal security.

Wireless Business Plans and Devices (Mobility)

From Communications to Field and Fleet Management, AEON Wireless service includes a fully-staffed support team, quick product (device) provisioning, and competitive pricing.


(Telecom Expense Management) Validate, verify, manage, and optimize your communications expense. Rebate overcharges and monitor employee usage down to the individual device level.  Productivity tool.


Security and employee monitoring solution that scans and reports on vulnerabilities and employee behavior on the entire network to reduce risk and improve productivity.

Digital Signage

AEON has signage solutions for every industry & business application.

Consolidated Billing

All services on one consolidated, itemized bill showing cost and usage down to the individual level.

Disaster Recovery

Avoid downtime when disaster strikes, hardware fails, or ransomware infects your system.  AEON Disaster Recovery instantly recovers data & systems by spinning up virtual machine replicas either locally or in the cloud. Protect all mobile devices. Monitor all device data on one dashboard.