Healthcare Networks & Connectivity

We deliver the latest in healthcare technologies on a secure, managed, reliable foundation. Our network services and nationwide fiber options offer reliability, security, and uptime. And as healthcare needs change due to compliance, security, and infrastructure we have the ability to provide the network performance and scalability that healthcare providers need.

AEON has solutions to optimize performance and deliver the bandwidth and reliability needed to support the Healthcare IT transformation. The access must also be secure to protect the existing internal network from external attacks while keeping the IT infrastructure HIPAA compliant.

AEON can help streamline care team coordination with a centrally managed network optimized to handle cloud-based clinical applications. It’s just as critical to comply with industry regulations as it is to keep network performance high and costs low.

Improvements in technology and the ability to have nearly instantaneous access to information are creating opportunities for substantial increases in staff efficiency and patient care.

We’ve worked with healthcare companies to deliver HIPAA-compliant services while improving bandwidth efficiency and increasing service uptime at their remote locations. To get it done, we harness advanced features such as:

• Zero-touch provisioning and installation

• Zero Trust Security

• Hypersegmentation

• Multi-path routing with session failover

• Global policy delivery and enforcement

Medical Centers and Nursing Homes

Medical Centers although generally smaller than hospitals have similar networking requirements when deploying new technologies, but on limited budgets. The service must be easy to manage and reliable as Medical center IT resources are also limited. Choosing AEON as your single provider for customized design, installation, and support of your communication technologies streamlines processes, reduces in-house equipment maintenance requirements, and optimizes operational efficiencies to allow your team the ability to focus on patients and give them the quality care they deserve.

In an environment of rising costs and changing cost models with value-based payments for healthcare providers, AEON can economically meet and support your communications technology needs.