Delta Payments Joins AEON

Delta Payments makes a perfect partner as an AEON franchisee. With AEON’s suite of communications products, Delta Payments is able to add on to their existing credit card services and provide Integrated Data Services to their growing client base. SD-WAN and other complementary products add a new level of services to Delta Payments but also can protect their client’s data while simplifying PCI Compliance.

AEON’s franchise opportunity allows our franchisees to save their clients’ money in numerous cost categories. It’s a low overhead franchise with a fast startup time and a comprehensive training and mentoring program. Our proven franchise model offers exceptional support, training, and guidance from our industry experts.

Delta Payments offers its customers a new way to look at credit card processing and communications.  By integrating AEON’s services into their network, they can secure their processing data and supercharge your network performance all from a single trusted partner. 

If your business needs help accepting credit card payments, integrating points-of-sale, fueling eCommerce transactions, or activating omni-channel retailing, Delta Payments can help. They are your credit card processor, connecting you to all that is possible in merchant services.

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How long does it take to open an AEON Franchise?

Planning to purchase a franchise involves many steps — and a lot of time and effort. But, if you’re organized, and you’ve taken the time to learn all you can about franchising, you’ll be able to speed up the process and AEON can help.

The Usual Franchise Purchasing Steps:

The Search – Typically, you’ll look into several different franchise opportunities until you narrow it down to a few franchises. This step should take the most amount of time, because you want to be sure the franchise you choose is a perfect fit for you.

Research – After you contact a franchisor you want to be sure you do your research. This step involves reading the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and calling franchisees so you can get any questioned answered, as well as conducting other basic market research.

At AEON we invite all interested candidates to visit our headquarters for a “Discovery Day.” This is a great chance to meet with the AEON team face-to-face, and ask questions in person.

Financing – Most franchisee’s will finance all or a portion of their upfront investment in a franchise. One popular way to finance a franchise is with an SBA loan.

The Big Decision – The last step in the franchise purchasing process is your decision. Before you say “yes” or “no”, consider the research you’ve already done, your budget, and the work that comes with owning a franchise.

These steps are commonplace with anyone looking to open a franchise. But after the traditional sales process is where no other franchise opportunity can compete with AEON.

So… how long until you “Open Your Doors”?

The franchise purchasing process — from the search to the purchase — can take three to four months. When buying any typical franchise, it will take another two to six months before you open your doors to customers if you’re lucky.

However, if you purchase a typical home-based franchise opportunity, you should be able to open for business approximately two months after you sign your franchise contract.  Two months can be a long time when you’re transitioning to owning your own franchise.

When it comes to opening your doors this is where AEON stands alone from all other franchises.  We can get you up and running in fewer than 2 weeks. Utilizing AEON’S 40+ Years of experience, along with our advanced training program, we will empower you with the strategies, techniques, and knowledge to sign clients and start earning residual income.


The next generation of WAN is here.

Address WAN issues at the network level, while providing all the benefits of traditional SD-WAN solutions, including end-to-end fine-grained segmentation, security, and agility without the overhead, cost, and scaling challenges of overlays. What’s more, the platform can be deployed on any network topology, simplifying adoption and speeding time to value.

NETWORK AS A SERVICE – Offer new revenue-generating services to customers while offering full network Quality of Service control, end-to-end Zero Trust Security, and real-time visibility and analytics into how each service is performing.

SECURE CLOUD INTERCONNECT – Remove dependencies on static overlays and transform complex cloud interconnect ecosystems into seamless fabrics that provide dynamic, application-specific capabilities required for distributed applications, hybrid connectivity, and workload mobility.

DATA CENTER INTERCONNECT – Eliminate bottlenecks, enable dynamic workload mobility, and respond to rapidly evolving security threats with distributed application intelligence, fine-grained segmentation, security, and load balancing without relying on overlays or domain stretching.

DATA CENTER – Distribute application intelligence, fine-grained segmentation, load balancing, and control throughout the data center in order to accommodate new types of traffic patterns, enable dynamic workload mobility, and respond to rapidly evolving security threats.