AEON’s Unparalleled Service

AEON offers tremendous opportunity to improve enterprise efficiency, speed communications and decision making, streamline tasks, improve workflow, shorten project lifecycles, and improve customer interaction.
      • Voice Services
        • AEON is your single-source provider when it comes to the communications you need to meet the demands of today’s work-anywhere world. Our traditional services can function independently from one another, or they can be woven into a customized solution. AEON can give you options that help you make the right choices for your business objectives. AEON offers an array of voice services across a variety of carriers.
          POTS Integrated T-1 / PRI Hosted VoIP Audio / Web Conferencing
          ISDN/ PRI VOIP PRI SIP Trunking
      • Data/Networking
        • AEON is backed by the world’s leading carriers and our buying power allows us to offer you these services at wholesale rates. Furthermore, by offering our customers access to various underlying carriers, AEON provides unparalleled network redundancy. AEON insures that worries about application delivery, bandwidth needs, and integration are a thing of the past. AEON can customize a connectivity solution for you. We offer plans that enable you to scale your bandwidth to meet your needs, as well as consistent monthly billing plans that help you predict and manage your budget. We’re ready to help with connectivity when you need it and where you need it.
      • SD-WAN
          • Businesses need a network built on agility, flexibility and scalability. AEON’s managed SD-WAN delivers global connectivity, enhanced performance and control, and secure access to the services and applications that drive productivity and growth across your organization.
          • AEON makes it simple and cost-effective to integrate new locations and add network bandwidth as needed. AEON’s SD-WAN can include bandwidth and a managed SD-WAN device for a single monthly price. We also offer 3G/4G wireless connectivity and Ethernet over fiber for higher speed requirements.
        • AEON’s SD-WAN continuously optimizes your network, in real time, by routing traffic over the best available circuit. Our technical experts will design, implement, install and optimize your SD-WAN service, leveraging our years of experience as an established managed services provider.
      • Digital Signage
        • Static printed display materials are expensive and ineffective at truly conveying your message. They require long lead times and target all audiences with the same message. To solve these problems, AEON includes a digital signage solution. This system allows dynamic information to be displayed in key areas throughout your facility. You can now instantly communicate your message to your employees or customers and you can ensure that the information is targeted to your specific audience. Retailers and high-traffic businesses are ideally suited for taking advantage of AEON’s digital signage capabilities.AEON’s digital signage component allows businesses to deploy full-featured digital signage systems without the costly expenses associated with dedicated servers, management teams and large bandwidth overhead. AEON enables efficient selling and management of the ad space on your digital signage network as well as ensuring reliable media distribution and playback. AEON’s signage player is an intelligent agent to download and update content seamlessly in the background. For those businesses that need additional digital signage displays, AEON allows for easy expansion of your digital signage network. For our retail customers, AEON has the ability to create a custom interface allowing you to tie digital signage data directly to register receipts. This allows for near real-time evaluation of the effectiveness of your digital signage network.
      • ValuBill TEM
        • Valubill is backed by a carrier-class billing system, which means detailed accounts of usage are easily tracked and invoices can be generated based on extension, department, building, etc. These systems allow you to fully oversee telecom inventory, contract, and costs, allowing for better planning and system optimization. Included are the tools for total telecommunications management; cost savings, recovery, and avoidance, inventory management, invoice/payment processing, wireless procurement, budget, and forecasting, etc. Valubill allows you to use these invoices as verification of telecommunications expenditures ensuring corporate governance and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance.ValuBill allows your company to track phone usage down to the extension level. This provides you with the information you need to ensure that your communications infrastructure is streamlined and that you are being invoiced correctly based on all of the terms and conditions of your communications contracts. Discrepancies will be flagged and errors corrected, allowing you to further reduce your telecommunications expenses.
      • Video Conferencing
        • The high definition conferencing portion of AEON allows for full-featured, high-definition communications over ubiquitous IP networks. It’s an easy to use system that can be expanded to meet the needs of even the largest corporations.AEON’s Boardroom conferencing delivers nearly ten times the quality of existing video conferencing systems. AEON’s advanced processing capabilities provide better video at any bandwidth. This is a complete video conferencing system that includes a high definition camera, our sophisticated speakerphone, and a remote control. AEON’s boardroom conferencing system is plug-and-play and can be used with virtually any display, and because of the high definition picture, users can now experience a new standard in face-to-face video communications where participants appear true-to-life. While most video conferencing systems require dedicated internet access, AEON’s video conferencing runs over standard broadband connections allowing you to streamline your broadband usage. AEON’s voice communications are just as impressive. AEON’s VoIP based speakerphone offers superior room coverage over existing systems allowing anyone in the room to be heard.AEON hosts a number of Multi-point Control Units, or MCUs, as well. This allows our customers to engage in multipoint video conferences without the need to provide additional bandwidth. Usage of AEON’s MCUs can be purchased on an ad hoc basis, at a cost-effective rate.
      • Cloud & IT Services
        • We provide outsource cloud hosting services on computer hardware located in both our Wallingford, Connecticut and our Boston, Massachusetts data centers.The service is metered and can be configured to a clients requirement. In a highly secure environment specifically designed for companies looking to host in a very secure cloud. The client has an ability to custom configure the security of his or her environment.Help drive employee productivity with mobile-ready, business-grade email, calendars, and contacts. As an Internet Service Provider (ISP) we control how the bandwidth is delivered.
          Microsoft Exchange business email Backup and file sharing Cloud Hosting Cloud Migration
          Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Platform as a Service (PaaS) Software as a Service (SaaS)
      • Web Services
        • AEON is backed by the power of the world’s largest cloud platform dedicated to small, and independent ventures. AEON is the place people come to get their domain name, build a professional website, attract customers and manage their work. We provide you with everything you need to sell domains, hosting, email, website builder and more.
          Domain Names Web Hosting & Storage Security Website Builders
          Business & Marketing Solutions Email & Productivity Click Here for More…
      • Billing
        • AEON provides our partners and customers with access to an all-inclusive billing system. This system can be implemented worldwide due to its multilingual support, including English, Spanish, French, German and Italian. But AEON is more than just a communications cost savings tool. AEON’s billing services can allow you to bill your customers for usage of the AEON system. This feature is a perfect addition for companies that manage multi-unit facilities such as apartment complexes and shopping centers. You can now provide AEON’s entire suite of products and services to your tenants, thereby creating new income streams for your company.AEON’s Billing and Back office services represent the state of the art in the integration of billing for the resale market. AEON provides a thorough and sophisticated approach to resale billing. AEON has experience in supporting resellers in the Local and Long Distance, Cellular and Paging, multiple dwelling units, CATV, IP telephony, broadband, campus resale and other ICP’s. AEON is a powerful combination of web and server-based applications. Centered on our core OSS billing system front end, are the components that all interact with a single SQL database, allowing central administration of all elements in one synergistic combination. AEON conducts all engineering and development activities in-house allowing a single system approach without the need for “best of breed” solutions and expensive system integrators. All of AEON’s software is developed in conjunction with input from hundreds of clients, dozens of whom attend our semi-annual user’s group. AEON’s back office solutions are available as a hosted or on-site OSS.