Delta Payments Joins AEON

Delta Payments makes a perfect partner as an AEON franchisee. With AEON’s suite of communications products, Delta Payments is able to add on to their existing credit card services and provide Integrated Data Services to their growing client base. SD-WAN and other complementary products add a new level of services to Delta Payments but also can protect their client’s data while simplifying PCI Compliance.

AEON’s franchise opportunity allows our franchisees to save their clients’ money in numerous cost categories. It’s a low overhead franchise with a fast startup time and a comprehensive training and mentoring program. Our proven franchise model offers exceptional support, training, and guidance from our industry experts.

Delta Payments offers its customers a new way to look at credit card processing and communications.  By integrating AEON’s services into their network, they can secure their processing data and supercharge your network performance all from a single trusted partner. 

If your business needs help accepting credit card payments, integrating points-of-sale, fueling eCommerce transactions, or activating omni-channel retailing, Delta Payments can help. They are your credit card processor, connecting you to all that is possible in merchant services.

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